Before you buy your child toddler soccer cleats, you have to realize that it is very different from a regular shoe not just in shape but also in fit. This is why I find it hard to go shopping for my son’s soccer cleats without him. I tried doing it once before and it ended up hurting his feet so bad that he couldn’t play. It was the wrong size and fit for his feet. I highly recommend that you bring your son or daughter along with you when buying soccer cleats to ensure utmost comfort and perfect fit. But sometimes, there are instances when you are still unable to purchase the best soccer cleats for your toddler. Here are a few tips to help you make the best purchase that will fit our child’s feet perfectly.

 Measuring Your Child’s Feet

This is helpful if you can’t bring your child along with you when buying one. Do not assume that your child’s shoe size is the same as when you last bought him one because a child’s feet grows drastically. It might grow a centimeter or even up to an inch in just a few weeks time. Start measuring his feet with a tape measure starting from his big toe up to the edge of his heel. This should give you an almost exact and precise measurement of his feet. You can also trace his feet on a sheet of paper if you find it hard to measure his feet using a tape measure. You might want to add a few millimeters allowance for his socks and to allow a few centimeters of growth as well.

 Snug Fit Of Toddler Soccer Cleats

Unlike a regular pair of shoes in which you may want a little room for your toes to move, soccer cleats are meant to fit snugly on the feet of your child. This is to ensure that the cleats stay in place and won’t accidentally come off when they are kicking and running around the field. This is also to make the wearer feel as if he is not wearing any cleats at all when playing. It should snugly fit from heel to toe. But you will also want to avoid cleats that are too tight because that is just uncomfortable as well.

 Testing The Width

A technique I always like to use when testing the width of the shoes is inserting my index and middle finger at the back of the shoes while my child’s feet is inside the shoes. You will then want to ask your child to rock the shoes back and forth to test how wide the width is and how well it will fit in your child’s feet. This is an important test to do to ensure that you are getting the right size of cleats for your child.

The Right Size And Fit Of Toddler Soccer Cleats

Toddler Soccer CleatsWhen buying soccer cleats, you have to remember that they are different from a normal, regular shoe. You can’t purchase soccer cleats based on the same considerations and principles as buying a pair of shoes for yourself. This tips on how to find the right size and fit of toddler soccer cleats can help you find the perfect one that your child will feel comfortable in and allow him to play his best.